I'm Rebekah. A daughter of God. A wife. A mother. 

A few words that best describe me... Introvert. Perfectionist. Creative. Intense.

Ever feeling my desperate need of God's continuing grace as I seek to walk in the Spirit amidst the challenges of life at this particular stage.

The burden for this blog primarily came out of the grief journey that followed after losing our daughter Laelle who was born prematurely around 23 weeks, and lived less than an hour. In the days that followed in shock and numbness, I found it hard to find much content online (or anywhere) that related with the loss we were walking through. The couple of stories I eventually found encouraged my heart greatly, and gave me courage to press on with living for the sake of the rest of my family, even when the act of living felt completely impossible and my heart had no desire for life on this side of eternity.

Writing is therapy for me, and I've been feeling a need to have a place to unload my thoughts. Whether or not they are found and read by others,  it will be a healthy avenue for me to have a spot where I can freely share. 

Thank you for visiting. May your days be filled with grace for your journey. God's grace alone. Sola Gratia.

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